• P.O. BOX 13647; Oklahoma City, OK 73113
  • 405-906-2700; ext. 2001

  • P.O. BOX 13647; Oklahoma City, OK 73113
  • 405-906-2700; ext. 2001 or 2005
  • P.O. BOX 13647; Oklahoma City, OK 73113
  • 405-286-1493; ext. 2001 or 2005


Anevay Resources, LLC is a full-service Energy and Land Brokerage Firm that is native to Oklahoma; however, our clients range from all over the United States! Our goal is to be the most productive and knowledgeable Land Brokerage Company in the energy industry and to consistently exceed our client’s expectations.

Whether doing a simple leasehold check or determination of mineral title and lease acquisition, or securing a complex system of pipeline right-of way easements, our work is accurate, timely, and efficient. Our success is based on our in-house expertise, professional field experience, quality control and quality assurance management, timely reporting and efficient organization. Clients can be confident that Anevay’s personnel will represent their company with the highest degree of professionalism. Anevay Resources can dispatch an experienced and responsive team anywhere in the country. Our client’s enjoy piece of mind knowing that Anevay Resources will provide a team of highly qualified Landmen for projects of any size, anywhere in the United States.

Services at Anevay Resources include but are not limited to:

Drilling and Production Histories* Due Diligence* Imaging* Lease Negotiations* Mineral Acquisitions* Right of Way* Surface Damage Negotiations* Title Curative* Title Examination* Reservoir Engineering* Solar & Wind Projects*


Contact Info:

OFFICE: 405-286-1493; ext. 2001

EMAIL: Amirald@AnevayResources.com

WEB: AnevayResources.com

ADDRESS: P.O. BOX 13647; Oklahoma City, OK 73113